composite toe cap dealer boots

WE are the first Indian company to manufacture composite toe

Design available 459, 522

our Toe Cap fits on the PVC LAST perfectly

we are the  composite toe cap dealer boots

Composite Toe Boots

These boots use lightweight products, making them more comfortable, flexible, and easy to wear than steel toe boots. Due to this, they are also up to 30% lighter, making them easier to work in. During colder weather, they are also thought to be more effective at keeping the warmth in the boot. Due to these advantages, they typically cost more than their steel toe counterparts.


Other Factors

Both varieties of safety boot are intended to do more than just keep the feet safe from compression. Steel toe boots, for example, can be made with an additional steel plate that protects up behind the toes, while some work boots have electrical hazard protection that helps protect against loose wires and dangerous circuits. Some have slip-resistant soles to prevent spills, while others provide protection from punctures, which is possible when there are rogue nails on site.

Composite toe and steel toe boots are not only popular in work boots, but also in cowboy boots. So, do you wear safety boots to work? Which type of protection does your footwear have?

composite toe manufacturers India, Kumar polymers Kanpur, only Indian company to manufacture composite toe cap in India.

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