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Q. Who needs Safety Footwear?
A. Most organizations understand that the first step in workplace safety is to remove potential hazards. However, since it is not possible to remove all hazards, personal protective equipment (PPE) may be required to help reduce injuries sustained in the workplace.Where a worksite has significant hazards that could result in injury to an employee’s feet, the employer must provide suitable safety footwear at no cost to the employee. The Health & Safety in employment aims to promote the health & safety of everyone at work & of other people in or around places of work. To achieve this, it requires people who are responsible for work & those who do the work to take the steps to ensure their own health & safety & that of others.

Q. What is a Safety shoe & how does it keep your footsafe?

A. The basic feature of a safety shoe is a shoe that has a Steel Toe Cap. This is to provide impact protection for the toe area. An all leather upper can help keep your foot safe from hazardous chemical spills & an oil & acid resistant sole protects your feet when walking on a variety of different workplace surfaces. A polyurethane sole with a steel mid sole can give you slip resistance & penetration protection thereby keeping your foot safe.

Q. How long should my Safety shoes last?

A. Generally, the manufacturers will say that the average life span of a pair of safety shoes is a year, depending on your work environment & personal wear & tear. If you polish your safety shoes & look after them, they will look after you.

Q. What kind of guarantee does your Safety Footwear carry?

A. We offer a 6 month warrantee if you encounter a manufacturing problem.

Q. What are the two major types of work-related foot injuries?
A. PHYSICAL: crushing, punctures, sprains, lacerations & thermal. This may happen as a result of slips, trips & falls.
CHEMICAL: Due to use of Acid Alkali & chemicals resulting in burns & dermatitis.
ELECTRICAL: Static & High Voltage.


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