Safety Shoe Accessories

Safety Shoe Accessories

In Safety Footwear we manufacture various products which enhance the Mechanical properties and Physical Properties of the Safety Shoe, which in turn make the shoe more Durable.

Toe Strip:-

Toe cap strip is applied just after the Toe cap, purpose is to remove the impression of Toe cap from the Shoe upper and to make the feet comfortable from inside.
We have different strip for Composite Toe, Aluminium Toe, Steel Toes and Fiber Toes. In that we have various Design of rubber Strip, which are applied as per the demands in all we have 28 type of Toe cap Strip.

These strip are also known as rubber strip

We also make the Toe STRIP as per the REACH norms.




Counter patch- these counter patch are PU friendly, used for making counter of the shoe, can save leather and can act as a support system to customer feet.

counter patch

Toe Patch- These toe patch are pu friendly, used at the toe of the shoe, can save vamp leather and can save the shoe from getting damage  from front.

toe puf


Metatarsal- used just after the toe cap used for the safety of feet.




Iylets-Plastic iylets which are free from heavy metals like lead, chromium.

club iylet




Shanks:- various Design and various size are available.





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